Property Management Technology

Property Management Technology including; Multi-Tenant Cloud Managed Door Access Control, Cloud Based Security Cameras and Cloud Network Video Recorders, Infrastructure Cabling, Infrastructure Fiber Optics, Wireless-6 Campus Wireless Networking.  Let's discuss creating new lines of revenue for your management company.

Structured Cabling

The backbone of all connectivity in your building starts with the Copper Wiring or Fiber Optic connections.  HVAC Management, Elevator Management, Lighting and Power Management - all require dependable internet access.

Smart Switching

Network Switches bring to life all of the data wiring and connect your IoT devices to each other or the cloud..  

Wireless Mobility

How about a wireless connection to your Property Mangement devices throughout your property or campus.

Door Access Control

Your company can derive a monthly revenue stream for providing Door Access to your tenants.  Do you need to open doors remotely, or instalnly revolke or add a Tenants credential?  Do special clients need elevator priviledges?

Security Cameras

Your onsite security staff would benifit from camera access while on their rounds.  Or maybe a tenant has filed a complaint and you need immediate cloud access to the footage...

Voice Communications

Additional Revenue from offering your tenants Telephone Service, plus as an incentive offer them Free Phones. Let's Discuss establishing new lines of revenue for your management company.


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